Artists can take advantage of the growing popularity of music streaming platform Spotify to promote their music and establish their career in the music industry.

The more people who stream your playlist and follow you on Spotify, the more you are likely to get recognized and make a name for yourself as a musician.Β 

Here are some tips on how to get more plays on Spotify and start building your brand as an artist.

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Submit your music to Spotify playlist curators

Submitting your songs to Spotify curator playlists is an effective way of getting organic promotion to get more people to listen to your music. You get a better chance of getting thousands of plays for your music on Spotify if it gets included in popular playlists with massive followers.Β 

A number of these playlists are controlled by Spotify and major labels so it may be difficult to get on these playlists on Spotify if you are a relatively new artist.

Your best option is to submit your music to independent curators. Their playlists may not be as popular but they have enough number of followers and listeners that will give you an opportunity to boost your music’s streaming count.

Some of the independent playlist curators where you can submit your music to include Soundplate, Indiemono, Work Hard Playlist Hard (WHPH), Songpickr and #IndependentMusicMonday

Get help from your music distribution company

Digital music distributors supply music to online stores and music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Make sure to get help promoting your music from your distribution company if your record label has deals with one.

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That will make your life easier. Spotify often consults music distributors about which new release to feature and this can help increase the number of streams.

Join the Spotify playlist exchange

Spotify has an active community of users who exchange playlists. Posting your playlist in the Spotify Playlist Exchange will give your music more exposure.

Include a description of the genre and other details about your playlist such as why you created it and how often you update it. Use genre tags.

Some users explore new music using tags in the playlist exchange. You can also connect with other users by commenting on their threads. You may want to share your playlists in your comments and encourage other users to check your music.

Connect with music bloggers and influencers

Music blogs and influencers can help introduce your music to a wider audience. You will likely pique the interest of your potential listeners and followers if music bloggers and influencers mention you in their posts and give positive feedback on your music.

Promote your music on social media

Social media sites offer a good medium for promoting your music online. If you want more followers for your playlist, make sure to leverage on the power of Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Make sure you create an artist profile page and accounts where you can share your songs and music video. Use a shareable Spotify link to make it easier for your fans and followers to instantly listen and share your music.Β 

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Reddit has subreddits such as the Like the Spotify Playlist and We Are the Music Makers where you can share and exchange music, as well as join competitions for Spotify playlists.

You can also look for music-related groups on Facebook and make use of hashtags on Twitter so people interested in your music genre can easily find you.

If you want direct marketing strategies to promote your music and get more streams on Spotify, hire Growth Marketing agencies like Soar to help build and protect your reputation. They can also help you with campaigns that can increase your Spotify streams and followers.Β 

Build your image

Having a good image as a brand is important. Not just on Spotify, but in general. It’s a showcase for your music and an effective way to build your identity.

Get verified at Spotify as an artist, present your graphic charter of photos and get yourself in one of the most striking profiling profiles.

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Be present on several biggest social media platforms and take advantage of the ones that are currently trending the most. Give value to your listeners and followers by being consistent in creating beautiful music that your target audience likes, and regularly updating your playlists.Β 

Your music career can escalate very quickly if you follow all the tips before, you are talented and have a bit of luck of course. A great example would be a very talented musician Post Malone.


Spotify is one of the most important sites for sharing your music and growing your fan base with everyone. It is important to remain proactive, release great music and engaged with your audiences. Do not buy plays or followers if you want real success.

You will find more success and sense of achievement from time to time because fans will appreciate your music. Never buy followers. It’s a big job to grow the company organically. Do not play or continue to play if you don’t want to buy.