In 2018, Forbes revealed that Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins earns more than $500,000 per month streaming game sessions.

The popular Twitch streamer has more than 16 million followers on his channel. Many gaming companies are now doing their business on Twitch. They pay Twitch streamers to promote their products and increase their customers.

Think back on the last few Twitch streams you’ve watched. There’s probably a part where the streamer subtly (or sometimes not even) talks about a brand, a product’s features, or his sponsorships. Influencers are now also paid to go on a live chat or be part of the gaming community.

Want to get famous on Twitch?

There are now so many reasons why one would want to gain tons of views and a large following on Twitch. Whether the reason is for money, attention, or you just want to find your place in the gaming community, we’re here to help you out.

Unfortunately, not everyone on the live streaming platform is as successful in attracting a large fanbase. Beginners do some self promotion of their channel to friends and relatives. Unfortunately, this campaign does not ensure growth.

Worse, there’s a high chance these people are not interested in the content but rather following out of politeness. There’s no organic engagement that can push your channel to succeed.

Aside from publishing quality content, there are other ways to improve your Twitch marketing. Finding the right viewer is key. Here we have listed Seven Effective Twitch promotion strategies to increase your viewers and followers

how to get famous on twitch

Develop content with your target audience in mind

Creating interesting content is a typical Twitch promotion strategy. However, this cannot guarantee success. If you fail to consider other factors that can get people to view your streams. What interests users on Twitch and what information are they likely looking for?

Knowing and understanding the site’s userbase can help you determine what particular content will likely click on the platform. 

81.5% of users are guys and more than half are between 18 and 34 years old. A chunk of the platform’s desktop web traffic also comes from the United States. Knowing the demographics of your target audience can help you identify the right niche that can attract a large following.

Find the right time to stream

Knowing the best time to stream on Twitch is a crucial Twitch promotion strategy that can make a difference in the number of people who get to watch your videos.

You do not want to broadcast your stream when your viewers are asleep, or away in school or at work, so make sure to determine who your target viewers are, their geographical location, and when they are most likely available to watch your content. 

It is worth noting that most Twitch channels tend to get the highest number of viewers between 4 PM and 6 PM from Mondays to Thursdays. Views peak between 6 PM and 7 PM on Fridays, and viewership per channel is highest between 12 noon to 2 PM on weekends.

Remember that you may have a different experience depending on the content and audience of your channel.

Engage with other Twitch users

Engagement on Twitch is not limited to chatting with just your audience. It also involves checking the broadcasts of other streamers and leaving comments in their chat window.

This can get other users to check your videos and even follow you. Interacting and building relationships with other Twitch streamers is an effective Twitch promotion strategy that can help you build a strong fanbase. 

Join a stream team

You can collaborate with other streamers to promote your channel. Appearing on another Twitch user’s stream can introduce you to a new group of followers. Doing collabs is one of the best ways to exponentially increase your reach. This is an effective strategy for Twitch users who want to expand their audience quickly. 

Participate in meetups and events

One of the best ways for you to meet people who may be interested in your content is by participating in meetups and events. Video game and streaming events also give you a chance to connect with other popular streamers.

They can help plug your channel or host you, which can give you the exposure you need. Additionally, you get to integrate yourself within the gaming community, which is always a plus.

twitch home page

twitch home page

Tap on the power of social media

Social media is one of the most effective tools for promoting your Twitch channel and your content. Broadcast on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram the date and time when you will go live. Consider this as an investment.

If you want a more strategic social media marketing, experienced Twitch promotion managers like Soar can help effectively promote your channel on Reddit.

Share your content on other video sharing platforms 

There’s no such thing as too many platforms. Upload your video streams on other platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Not everyone has a Twitch…yet.

create a channel on youtube

create a new YouTube channel

By sharing your content through other channels, you allow yourself the opportunity to be viewed by a bigger market.

Who knows? Maybe your video is what gets them to try out Twitch. Don’t forget to link your Twitch channel so they can follow you once they create an account.

With more than 8 million streamers on Twitch, getting people to check your videos and follow your channel can be challenging, but you could still be the next Twitch superstar with the right know-how in promoting your content.

Best Twitch promotion services

UseViral is one of the best Twitch advertising services on the market right now. It offers easy and helpful support to reach your goals. 

SidesMedia is yet another Twitch promotion business which hasn’t been on the market for long yet, but they’ve already established themselves as one of the best out there.

Followersup asks new clients to find what networking they need support from, mostly to see how they engage with them. This has a pricing system which is established so you only pay for what features you’ll use and they can don’t send you something you may not use.

Media Mister is one of the older players with lots of experience. They can help you out with other social media networks too.

Let’s sum it up. These are the best Twitch promotion services in 2021:

  • UseViral
  • SidesMedia
  • Followersup
  • MediaMister

We know that nobody wants to spend money for promotion, but if you want to get more viewers, new friends, and achieve a stable Twitch growth, it is highly recommended to invest in promotion. We are talking about a couple of hundreds, not thousands.

Do some live channels (live streams), community challenges, be unique and be yourself at the same time. People love to see the person behind each brand, especially when it comes to the music industry.