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Total karmaLink karmaComment karmaCountryAgeIndustryTop SubredditsExtrasPriceCheckout
V****20501760150US4 Months OldGeneralr/funny, r/memes, /AskReddit, r/picsTrophy Case: Verified Email124.99Add to Cart 130
O****60605230160US4 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/aww, r/funny230.99Add to Cart 680
L****1370104090US4 Months OldGeneralr/aww, r/oddlysatisfying, r/Art, r/pics, r/food100.99Add to Cart 240
R****85306360200US4 Months OldGeneralr/aww, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/funny, r/WhatcouldgowrongTrophy Case: 100 Awards Club284.99Add to Cart 1980
L****17901560120US4 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/aww, r/funny114.99Add to Cart 110
J****17201340220US4 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/WTF, r/aww, r/Eyebleach, r/funny112.99Add to Cart 150
J****15201230160US4 Months OldGeneralr/Whatcouldgowrong, r/aww, r/nextfuckinglevel105.99Add to Cart 130
L****19701450410US4 Months OldGeneralr/aww, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/funny, r/Unexpected120.99Add to Cart 110
C****15301340150US4 Months OldGeneralr/Unexpected, r/funny, r/gaming, r/aww, r/nextfuckinglevel106.99Add to Cart 40
T****15301090350US4 Months OldGeneralr/funny, r/aww106.99Add to Cart 90
J****22501880170US4 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/aww, r/funny128.99Add to Cart 200
O****973071601240US4 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/Unexpected, r/aww, r/funny308.99Add to Cart 1340
B****14301240130US4 Months OldGeneralr/aww, r/funny, r/nextfuckinglevel103.99Add to Cart 70
A****3870371080US4 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/aww, r/funny173.99Add to Cart 80
L****1950176080US4 Months OldGeneralr/funny, r/aww, r/nextfuckinglevel118.99Add to Cart 110
J****19701620130US4 Months OldGeneralr/aww, r/Unexpected, r/gaming, r/funny119.99Add to Cart 220
S****70605930190US4 Months OldGeneralr/Unexpected, r/gaming, r/funny, r/nextfuckinglevel250.99Add to Cart 950
E****37802930170US4 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/funny, r/aww170.99Add to Cart 670
g****1690142090US5 Months OldGeneralr/food, r/Art, r/aww, r/Eyebleach127.99Add to Cart 180
N****17001390140US4 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/funny, r/aww115.99Add to Cart 170
j****17101380230US5 Months OldGeneralr/gaming, r/funny, r/Unexpected, r/nextfuckinglevel128.99Add to Cart 110
L****27802310140US4 Months OldGeneralr/funny, r/Unexpected, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/aww147.99Add to Cart 340
S****55100270052250US3 Years 11 Months OldSportsr/nfl, r/VALORANT, r/pcmasterrace, r/FortniteCompetitiveTrophy Case: Three-Year Club1291.99Add to Cart 150
L****17140113405760Bulgaria3 Years 5 Months OldGeneralr/AskReddit, r/thatHappened, r/formula1, r/Shitty_Car_Mods, r/ChoosingBeggarsTrophy Case: Three-Year Club778.99Add to Cart 50
m****503003479015370US1 Year 7 Months OldGeneralr/memes, r/TheRightCantMeme, r/pics, r/aww, r/OldSchoolCoolTrophy Case: One-Year Club, Verified Email1026.99Add to Cart 140
h****1057087801400US3 Years OldNews and Politicsr/conspiracy, r/EtikaRedditNetwork, r/trapproduction, r/travisscott, r/freelanceWritersTrophy Case: Three-Year Club, Verified Email634.99Add to Cart 390
o****21100188601420US2 Years OldGeneralr/cursedcomments, r/awfuleverything, r/cringe, r/bestof, r/AskRedditTrophy Case: Two-Year Club, Verified Email701.99Add to Cart 760
e****35330957025340US6 Years 11 Months OldLifestyle, Generalr/MomForAMinute, r/ExNoContact, r/namenerds, r/AskReddit, r/actuallesbiansTrophy Case: Gilding IV, RPAN Viewer, Six-Year Club, Verified Email1213.99Add to Cart
R****4340390070US4 Months OldGeneralr/pics, r/mildlyinteresting, r/aww191.99Add to Cart 360

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    We know how anxious everyone gets for their guest posts, and we pride ourselves on getting this turned around as quickly as possible. We also don’t own the sites so turnarounds can vary from site to site. Having said that, what we can control is the ability to bump vendors down our list if they consistently take a long time to respond, resulting in a database of speedy & responsive publishers. If that’s not enough, we are also offering a guarantee of 14 days or faster or you’ll get a store credit. Speedy to meet you.

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