Back in 2003, Apple opened its iTunes Music Store, revolutionizing the music industry. Even now, Apple is still one of the biggest channels for music promotion having both iTunes and Apple Music.

Apple Music is their top streaming platform with over 72 million paid subscribers. However, iTunes has recently bid goodbye to the public.

Moreover, Apple Music is part of every music promotion strategies available. Whether you are an independent artist or a budding music producer, Apple Music will still matter. This guide will help start your music promotion Apple Music.

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How to get started with Apple Music promotion

Do you want to start promoting your tracks on Apple Music? Here are the things that you should do:

Claim your Apple Music for Artist’s account

The first thing you need to do to start Apple Music promotion is to claim your account on Apple Music for Artists. Apple’s dashboard for professional artists offers a variety of tools to help promote songs.

Before you can start promoting your tracks on Apple, you need to have an account. It’s quite similar to Spotify for Artists. Here, it would be best if you had your tracks uploaded and distributed in the platform before claiming an account.

Apple Music for Artists provides a lot of data. These include the following:

  • Average daily listens
  • Radio plays and downloads
  • Insights into user streams
  • Playlists your song has been added to
  • How well your music videos perform

Additionally, Apple recently bought Shazam! So, if you need any data on that platform, Apple Music can provide you with it.

apple music for artists

Set up your Apple Music artist profile

Your Apple Music profile has three parts: Your artist photo, bio, and social media links. Your artist profile is the face of your music.

It is the impression you give to the Apple Music community—so it’s best to spend some time to make sure you get this right. Your bio is an avenue for you to feature information about you as an artist.

You can talk about your songs and inspiration and even promote your upcoming gigs. Always update your social media links. This way, your fans can find you on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or even Spotify.

Use playlists to increase your plays

Apple Music works similarly with Spotify. Here, users can discover new songs through Apple Music Charts and featured playlists. Getting a good playlist placement can work wonders for your songs. It can increase the number of plays, downloads, plus you can earn more royalties.

There are many ways to have your song get featured in playlists. From creating your own, subscribing to a playlist submission service, to landing on one on Apple’s curated playlists! You can also pitch your songs to others, so they can take an interest in them and add your music to their playlists.

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If you are an upcoming artist, the easiest way to promote your song is by creating your playlist. Anyone can create a public playlist. But if you want it to be discovered, add other songs that fit with your genre to attract people with the same taste.

Meanwhile, you can also subscribe to a playlist submission service to increase your plays. Sharing your songs with others can be a tedious process. But hard work will pay off with a little bit of patience.

Share your songs on other platforms

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, they say. The same goes for promoting your music! If you want to succeed in your music career, you need to share your music on other platforms.

Spotify and Soundcloud are also open to independent artists, so you might want to try those. Meanwhile, you can also take advantage of different social media platforms. One example we have is Reddit.

soundcloud home page

Reddit is a popular forum that allows anyone to promote anything! By subscribing to promotion services, you can have someone mention your music in different subreddit.

There are even promotion services such as Reddit Reputation Management. This can help you get more artist awareness and boost your entire music promotion. This type of service also provides reports, so you’ll know how your overall marketing strategy works.

Music streaming services

As we already mentioned, there are many music streaming services out there and you have two options to approach it.

Either be present on as many as possible to increase your brand awareness or take one or two and go all in all on them. Both tactics are useful and the right approach may differ on your type of music, where your audience is and so on.

Our recommendation for most emerging artists is to be present on the most popular streaming platforms. Find out how many listeners are on the specific platform, stream music consistently, do free promo of your brand and trials such as apple music trials and get your songs into Spotify playlists.

These are the most popular music streaming services:

  • Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • YouTube Music
  • Deezer
  • Tidal
  • Amazon Music
  • SoundCloud

There are many other streaming services out there that can kickstart your music career. You should also consider radio stations, even though they are a bit outdated. They can still bring you a decent brand awareness and help you get noticed by some major labels.


Getting your music out in public can be the biggest challenge for independent artists. Promoting your music to streaming channels like Apple music can be hard. Since it is only the start of your music career, you will need perseverance and creativity for you to get by.

Luckily for you, there are different ways to promote you and your songs. So, connect with digital marketing agencies like Soar for professional help! With a team of expert marketers, you are sure to get more plays than you expected.