When it comes to promoting your business on social media, the first things that come to mind are usually Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Most of the time, businesses forget YouTube. This is one mistake you donโ€™t want to make. YouTube is the second largest search engine, with a search volume larger than Bing. 

With over 1 billion registered users watching 1 billion hours of videos per day, there sure is a lot of opportunities for businesses to promote their products and services on YouTube. But how can you start? This article will show you various ways on how you can elevate your YouTube marketing. 

1. Create a strategy

Unlike other social media platforms, YouTube can be more time-consuming. After all, it is one thing to update your status and create images versus consistently creating, shooting, and editing videos. To win in YouTube marketing, you have to create a strategy with a clear goal in mind. Do you want to promote brand awareness or generate more leads and sales? Once you have this figure out, everything else will go smoothly. 

2. Promote your brand with video

When it comes to promotion, you need to be creative. There are various ways for you to advertise your brand. Note that doing the traditional introduction way can come off as boring. If you want your promotion to be successful, think of innovative ways. You want to make entertaining videos such as product reviews and customer testimonials. 

3. Put a welcome video on your YouTube channel

Create a short welcome video on your YouTube channel so that your visitors will know what your business is about. Think of it as your visitors’ first impression of your channel on YouTube. You might want it to be direct so that you will spark interest to learn more about your products and services. 

4. Upload how-to videos

How-to videos often get a lot of views on YouTube. If you want to promote your product, you can create a how-to video where your product is part of it, or maybe a tutorial on how customers can use and enjoy your services. Instructional videos will surely get you the views you need to attract traction on our brand. At the same time, you get to address the FAQs about your product.

5. Interview influential people in your niche

It could be someone who can answer technical questions or maybe an influencer that has the same goal and core values as your brand. Whoever you choose, this could be a great way to showcase to your audience that your brand isnโ€™t just about products and services. If the person you will be interviewing has already a following in social media, you can also use that leverage to reach a broader audience. 

6. Answer questions with your YouTube videos

Once you have enough videos on your YouTube channel, you can now use them on third-party websites such as Quora. With Quora marketing, you can answer questions with your videos and help potential customers be aware of what your brand is about and how it can benefit them. Quora marketing isnโ€™t easy, and if you want this to add on your YouTube strategy, you can subscribe to a plan with a professional marketing agency like SOAR. Weโ€™ll take care of your online marketing for you.

7. Managing your YouTube channel

If this is your first time using this platform for your business, youโ€™ll be surprised that there are limited management tools for this unlike other social media platforms. As you grow, it is imperative that you track comments on your videos and respond to them, as well as mentions of your brand. One tool you can use is Agorapulse, which allows you to manage all of your videos easily. 

8. Take advantage of Reddit

While it isnโ€™t exactly YouTube marketing, you can use Reddit to promote your videos and reach a wider audience. There is a service that focuses on mention management, which can improve brand awareness across Reddit and promote your business through your YouTube videos. 


If you want to widen your marketing efforts, you should definitely check out YouTube marketing. It can help you reach a broader audience, improve brand awareness, while generating more traffic, engagement, leads, and sales.