We no longer offer free upvotes

It was good while it lasted, but unfortunately, our free upvotes were taken advantage of and we’ve had to discontinue them.

Upvotes are still available to purchase anytime through our buy upvotes service πŸ‘

Want to run a full Reddit marketing campaign managed by our team? See what Reddit marketing services are available here.


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Experience a marketing service platform that allows you to keep a finger on the pulse of your marketing campaigns.


Detailed campaign reporting
Get insights and full campaign results, right in your dashboard


A personal account manager
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Fast turnaround time
A global team means we're always working on your order


Always-on support
24/7 Customer Support available for every order


A reliable money back guarantee
If we don't fulfill our end of the bargain, get your money back.


A control center with every order
Manage your invoices, communications & more quickly and easily

How it works


Post a thread or comment

Start off by posting a new thread in your target subreddit of choice


Buy Reddit upvotes

Purchase upvotes or comments.


Watch the magic happen

Our team gets to work crafting comments and pushing upvotes to your submission

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my upvotes come in?

We’ll usually deliver upvotes within 6 hours. If you need upvotes faster, please select the “rush” option at checkout.

What kind of accounts do you use?

We diversify the accounts that will be upvoting and commenting on posts, our accounts are aged from 4 months to 7 years.

Can my account get banned/shadow-banned from Reddit?

As far as we know, no. If having your posts upvoted meant you could get banned, it would be too easy to ban anyone on Reddit.

Can my account get banned from a subreddit?

Yes. Blatant spamming on reddit never goes along well. If the subreddit moderators feel that you have bought upvotes, you may get banned. This is on you.

What if I’m unsatisfied with my order?

If you’re unsatisfied with your order for any reason, please reach out to our live chat- our team is always online to help you.

How many upvotes should I get?

The number of upvotes depends on the competition in the subreddit you are promoting in. Look at the number of upvotes that posts on that frontpage typically have to gauge how many you need. If you’re unsure how many upvotes you’ll order feel free to reach out to our live chat.

Can you provide downvotes?

Yep πŸ‘‰ Right here.

Where is the team based?

We’re a distributed team with our headquarters in North America. πŸ™‚

Do you do partnerships with agencies or resellers?

Yep ? Contact us

Is there a bulk-buy discount?

If you’re planning a long-term marketing campaign and want to include Reddit services in that mix, please reach out to us.

Meet the Soar Guarantee

It's our promise to you about how we'll deliver our services, and when you're eligible for a refund.