Spotify has 320 million users as of September 2020. It is currently one of the most popular music streaming sites globally.  If you are an aspiring musician, getting more Spotify plays can help you jumpstart your career and make a name for yourself. Here are some tips that should help with your Spotify promotion and streams:

Make the most of Spotify for Artists

Make sure to claim an artist’s profile. With this, you will be verified as an artist. Spotify for Artists will give you the tools to succeed in the industry and even get more music royalties. 

Access to Spotify for Artists can help you track which of your songs perform well. It will also help you understand how people discover and play your music. Make the most of the statistical data to know how you can improve your music and grow your fanbase. With your artist profile, your audience can learn about your upcoming music projects. See to it that you use it to share your playlists on Spotify and promote your music so people can listen to it. It will also help form a reputation as a professional musician and your music stream genre. 

Is Spotify play worth buying?

Can you buy monthly listeners on Spotify? You can do this through the Spotify ad studio. If you want immediate results, you have the option to promote your music on Spotify for a fee. This can get people to listen to your music and boost your plays. You can create audio ads that users of the free Spotify app can listen to.

How to boost Your Spotify plays

How do you get 1000 plays on Spotify? As a musician, your road to success may not happen overnight. However, there are tips that can improve your rating in the chart and get more people to listen to your streams. Ensure that when you write a song, it’s not just for making music for playlist placement. Create masterpieces that you will be proud of. Use artists’ tools to make songs and Spotify playlists that your listeners most enjoy and identify with you.


Tap on networks that can help you establish connections to get Spotify plays. You can submit your songs to Spotify Curated Playlist to reach more listeners. Meanwhile, there are also independent playlist curators that you can ask to include your songs.

Want your songs to be promoted on social media platforms? There are music bloggers and influencers that can help you! With their excellent reviews and simple mentions, your music can be listened to by many people.

Also, do not underestimate the kind of help you get from your existing fans. They can add your songs to their public Spotify playlist, mention you in posts, and introduce your songs to friends.

Show them love and thank them for their loyalty and efforts. 

Can you fake Spotify plays?

It may be tempting to buy Spotify streams, but this is not a good idea, especially for a new music artist. You do not want your name to be associated with faking plays of your track. Your account may also get suspended if you buy Spotify plays. Rather than buying Spotify plays, be more assertive in promoting your music brand to get more listeners!

Market yourself and your song to get more organic streaming on Spotify. Spotify is just one of the streaming platforms that can help with music promotion. Get your music on other popular streaming services in the music industry, including Apple Music and Amazon Music. Your number of plays on these music platforms also matters.

Make sure you also use YouTube and social media sites to promote your song. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit have a large user base. Use your social media profiles to promote your music. Soar can help you with your campaigns. Check out our online reputation management services now!