Launching a Discord server can be challenging. Getting it off the ground and finding the right users to join your servers will be tough. However, there are different ways that you can implement to get the number of members you want. One method available is to buy Discord members. But how exactly can you do this, and which sites offer legitimate service? 

This guide will show you how you can buy Discord members and other best practices to help you get your server off the ground. While the former can instantly get you more users, the latter will provide a foundation for gaining more quality members in the future. 

How to Buy Discord Members

There are different platforms online that sell Discord members but legitimacy is always a concern. However, we have searched the internet and found the best sites to get you the members you need for an active Discord channel. 

Player Up 

Player Up is the world’s first company that is devoted to protecting Player-to-Player account transactions legally. It is an online platform that has an optional Middleman Service to secure every transaction you make. 

Apart from being a Player-to-Player account marketplace, this website also sells Discord members so you can grow your server instantly. The price depends on how many members you’d like to buy. Keep in mind that this site is a marketplace, so it is not the website selling the members; instead, another member of the site. 


Discord.CENTER is a Discord listing website that allows servers to sell and purchase shoutouts from other servers. Listing your server on the site is free. Doing so can help you attract more members. It also offers a revolutionary feature that allows its users to buy members for their servers. The website can provide you with these members in a short period because they manage and own several massive Discord servers, which enables them to redirect the traffic to their customers’ server easily. 


Fiverr is a popular freelance marketplace that allows you to find the right person to help you with specific tasks or jobs. The website connects businesses to freelancers that offer digital services. One of the services freelancers in Fiverr offer is assisting businesses to grow their Discord servers

While this isn’t exactly buying Discord members, hiring freelancers on Fiverr will help you advertise your server to the right target audience, increasing your members organically. Starting at $5, you can hire someone to promote your server with a guarantee that you’ll get members. 

Best Practices on How to Grow Your Discord Members

Apart from buying members to grow your server, you can follow these best practices to provide you with the foundation you need to get your server going. 

Write a good server description

Some server listings have little to no information on their server description. Remember, most members look at the server’s description. If you don’t have one, potential members won’t know why your server exists and why they should join it. When writing one, make sure that you write your server’s goals, why members should join it, and the reason it was built. Once you have this, you can attract more members to your server. 

Market your server on other social media platforms

To increase your members, you should promote it on different platforms such as Reddit and Quora. This is because you can specifically target a niche in these platforms, unlike other social media sites that require you to have a following for your promotion to be successful. There are services available that can help manage your Quora account, answer questions for you, lead potential members to your server, and create Reddit promotion that can increase server awareness to your target audience. 


If you want to increase your Discord members, there are different ways for you to try, such as buying members on other platforms or growing them organically. Whatever method you choose, it is essential to note that increasing your members is just the first step in managing your server. Keeping them on your server is another thing, and it requires more than just buying members, promotions, and advertising.