Pinterest is one of the most popular visual search engines in the world since it was first launched in the social media scene in 2011. It has become a game-changer for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and even multi-national companies. The platform currently has 442 million active users per month, and if your business isn’t leveraging this, you’re missing out. 

According to Pinterest, 78% of its users say that content on Pinterest (even from brands) is useful compared to other sites available. This gives your business a unique opportunity to influence their purchasing decisions. Since these users want to be inspired to try or buy new things, having a presence on Pinterest can help put your brand on their minds. This article can show you how you can buy Pinterest likes and grow your followers. 

How to Buy Pinterest Likes

If you’re new to Pinterest, you probably don’t know the benefits of likes on the platform. By increasing the number of your likes, you can reach your target audience easily. You will also have the opportunity to showcase your content to a broader audience, especially those interested in what you do. With great engagement, comes organic following. Growing likes organically can be challenging though. That’s why several platforms offer Pinterest likes for those who want an instant boost. 

Here are some sites where you can buy Pinterest likes. 

Social Prawn

Social Prawn is a US-based social media marketing agency specializing in helping individuals and businesses reach their target audience and become viral. The agency offers real likes on Pinterest and does not use any bot. It offers various packages at an affordable price so small businesses can utilize their services. It also promises a safe and secure transaction when you buy Pinterest likes on its website. 

Buy Cheap Followers

If you are on a tight budget but still want to buy Pinterest likes for your account, Buy Cheap Followers is the one for you. For as low as $1.99, you can buy 25 likes to boost the presence of your account. Although it’s cheap, the website promises real, genuine, and targeted likes for your images on your profile. What it does is find people who are interested in your brand and take the necessary steps to promote your posts and profile. 

Galaxy Marketing

Another agency that offers Pinterest likes is Galaxy Marketing. It’s a social media growth agency that focuses on helping people and businesses get the exposure they need on social media through selling likes and followers. The agency believes that the more likes you have, the more followers you can attract to your account. It also increases engagement on your profile, which can help you grow your business. 

Bonus: How To Grow Your Pinterest Followers

Promote your Pinterest Account on Other Social Networks

To increase your chance of getting more followers, connect your account on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Set up your permission so that newly pinned items will show up on these other sites. This can help divert traffic from your other social media accounts to your Pinterest. Alternatively, you can use platforms such as Quora and Reddit to promote your account outside your social network. 

Services such as Managed Quora builds your presence on the site, directing them to your Pinterest account. Reddit Marketing, on the other hand, runs campaigns all over Reddit to reach a broader audience and can help you get the growth you’re looking for. 

Make Unique Boards

If you want to spark interest in your audience, create unique boards that stand out. For example, instead of having a board that says “casual accessories,” rename your board into something catchy such as “accessories for boring outfits” or “head-turner accessories.” These titles are eye-catching, demanding your followers for a second glance. 


Buying Pinterest likes can surely help boost your account, but it is just the beginning. To truly be successful on Pinterest, you need to produce quality contents that will make your followers and likers want more. If you can master Pinterest marketing, you are sure to bring more leads and sales to your business.