As an independent artist, you are responsible for promoting your music. Even if you’re signed with a label, don’t leave it up to them or any other PR agency. The promotion and marketing of your music should start with you. There are many different music streaming platforms available. Although, SoundCloud is still one of the more prominent players.

Creating a SoundCloud marketing strategy isn’t as easy as it sounds. Currently, there are over 250 million tracks on the platform. This means that there are various artists also marketing on the streaming app. But you don’t have to worry! Even if you are not a marketer, you will still get the SoundCloud plays you need with these proven strategies.

Strategies to Promote Your Music on SoundCloud

SoundCloud has made some changes over the past years, where the home page is no longer your stream. This means that your SoundCloud followers aren’t always finding your tracks when you release them. But, there successful strategies that can help you get more plays. Here are some of them:

Make your music playable

The first step to have your music played is to make sure that your audience will like the tracks you make. Although it is possible to promote crap music, it will never survive the opinion of the listeners. No matter how much marketing you put into music, if it’s average and nobody wants to listen to it, you won’t get your plays.

The golden rule of music promotion is “your music is the marketing.” Remember, you are not just marketing music. It is naturally linked to the promotion process. People won’t play the music they don’t like. SoundCloud has a low barrier entry when it comes to uploading tracks. So, listeners usually have to sift through all these different genres.

Now, the million-dollar question is, “should you upload your track even if it’s not 100% there yet?” It depends on the platform. Since you can remove songs on SoundCloud with just one-click, you can upload your track. Besides, you can get valuable insights from your followers if you ask for it. This allows you to learn what works and what does not. To produce high-quality music, it is essential to consider the feedback of your fan base.

Leverage existing audiences, channels, and websites

Some people are always to be better at marketing music than you. Don’t worry about them; instead, use these people to get SoundCloud plays. You can find channels that can repost your music to broader SoundCloud users. They usually come in different forms. Here, there are other musicians with bigger followings, promotional channels, and collectives.

Don’t forget other websites as well! You can take advantage of them as some artists only focused on marketing on the platform itself. For example, you can connect with bloggers and advertise your music on your social media profile. You can also get plays on SoundCloud by subscribing to different marketing services. For example, you can subscribe to Reddit Reputation Management. This allows you to have a positive reputation on Reddit. Here, you can share your tracks to get SoundCloud plays or even go viral!

Use email marketing

Another way to get more listeners and followers is by promoting your track through email. We all know that everyone has an email address and checks their inbox almost every day. Use this to your advantage and get your music on straight to them through email marketing! All you have to do is create a mailing list of your target audience. This is an excellent advantage if you have a wide connection.

When sending an email, make sure that you’re concise and conversational. You don’t want to bore your reader. Next, be sure to include your SoundCloud link and its download link. Another thing is to make your email personal. Being in a large email thread that doesn’t personally address you can be annoying, so don’t hit reply to everyone.


For artists to get noticed in the music industry, effort in promoting tracks is needed. To get more SoundCloud plays, there are various strategies you can use. Social media platforms are also a great way to share your music. While it seems like a lot of your work, promoting your music the right way is always the best way to get recognition.