Spotify has been a massive platform that provides many opportunities for new artists who want to build a Music Industry career. Being one of the best platforms that showcase new music, getting many streams on Spotify can significantly improve an artistโ€™s chance to be recognized in the industry. Understandably, developing artists are eager to find ways to get more streams and followers on Spotify.

Getting more streams on Spotify may take a lot of work. Still, with the right steps and plans, you can get more people to listen to your music in no time. Here are some tips on how you can get more plays and monthly listeners to build up your visibility on Spotify

Create Good Music

This advice may seem a no-brainer, but it is a necessary reminder for new artists in the industry. Many developing artists fall to the wrong idea that more music will guarantee more streams. Most of the time, such songs are rushed, and the quality of the music is compromised.

Keep in mind that many people love good music regardless of who the artist is. It does not matter if you are still new in the industry. If you make good music, people will likely listen to it and discover more about you. On the other hand, if you make mediocre music, people will shrug you off. Many people also love to stream one good song over and over again. Thus, you get better chances of getting more Spotify plays when you commit only to creating and releasing good songs.

Creating good music takes time. Do not rush yourself into releasing tracks for the sake of having new songs under your name. Get the right inspiration, work on the lyrics, and perfect your music. The time you spent in your music will reflect on the song itself. The more effort you put into the work, the more confident you will be in promoting your music.

Build Your Followers For Easier Spotify Promotion

Aside from getting many streams, having a large following on Spotify can make a big difference in your music career. The more followers you have, the easier will it be for you to promote your new releases. Having a large following also will help you build up your visibility not just in Spotify but also in the industry itself.

As a new artist, one of your goals is to gain as many followers as possible so they will see when you release new music. People who follow you get to see your new releases on their personalized Release Radar playlist. Your followers also play a big role in streaming your songs. Your followers are more likely to add your songs in their own playlist, play your music more frequently, and share them with their friends.

Make sure to get your new listeners who enjoyed one or two of your songs to follow you on Spotify. Get them to click the Follow button on your artist profile. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube also play a big part in your following. Keep asking your social media followers, fans, and those who check your website to follow you on Spotify. Get active on social media and always include in your posts the link to your Spotify account.

Make The Most Out Of Spotify Music Promotion Tools

As a new artist, you have to make the most out of the opportunities you have in promoting your music. Spotify provides artists with tools that can help them build their followers and get more streams. For instance, Spotify has a feature where you can obtain a code which you can use to embed a music player on your website. This feature allows people to listen to your music even if they are not on Spotify. An embeddable follow button is also available for you to include on your website. Use this to turn your website visitors into followers.

Make sure to join Spotify for Artists and get your profile verified. Doing so will let you know who listens to your music. It will also allow you to get better control of how your listeners see your profile and track the growth of your new releases.

Establishing your music career also involves analyzing data and checking music trends. Spotify provides you with a way to check the stats to know which of your songs are doing well. The sats will also help you find out how people discover your music. Analyzing these stats will allow you to plan your next promotional campaigns. Checking the trends in Spotify will also help you discern when is the best time to release new music.

The Artist Pick, which you can find at the top of your profile, is a feature that allows you to choose which song, album, or playlist will show when people visit your page. Use this to your advantage so people will get to see your new releases as well as your most popular songs.

Once you join Spotify for Artists, you can also submit your music to playlist curators. There are a thousand of releases that playlist curators review so do not worry if you are not featured yet. Stay focused and find ways so you can stand out. If you get lucky enough to be included in Spotifyโ€™s most popular playlists, your submission will be worth it as it can give your music a big exposure.

Share Your Music For Spotify Promotion Service

Make use of all available platforms that can help promote your songs on Spotify. Be active on social media and update your fans regarding your new songs. To increase the number of your monthly listeners, share your Spotify links everywhere. When you upload new videos on YouTube, make sure to include the Spotify links of your new tracks in the description.

Other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, provide huge influence in your online engagements. With their massive user base, you can easily increase your reach by constantly promoting your music. Share your new music in your posts and donโ€™t forget to include Spotify links to bring them to your page. 

Promote your music in your gigs and reach out to music blogs. Working with a digital marketing firm such as can likewise help with your music marketing. The agency also provides reputation management services to help build your image as an artist.