As a content creator, YouTube is one the best ways to promote your videos. There’s a tone of youtubers on the site putting out video content that earns them views and subscribers by the millions. It’s only right to take advantage of the free and easily accessible consumer base on the platform. 

Just like the type of content you’re looking for on the platform might be high quality, so should your YouTube videos. You can get more views by using an interesting video title and promoting your YouTube videos on social media channels.  But, you may have videos on YouTube and are unfamiliar with YouTube promotion. Let’s take a look at some tips and best practices for building an audience. 

How can I Promote My Youtube Channel For Free? 

There’s a myriad of options online when it comes to promotion, but most creators aren’t aware of how to market and promote for free. By being active on Reddit in the topics that you discuss in your videos, you will gain a better understanding of what people are looking for from the videos they watch. Contributing to conversations that are in your range will show your credentials concerning the topic at hand. Make your own fun and engaging posts discussing the hot-button issues that your videos talk about. Link your videos in your posts. There’s no monetary cost to doing this.

Quora is similar to Reddit in that you can freely post on the platform. Stay engaged in the topics that your videos are about and answer questions that others pose daily. Link your videos in your answers with the promise of more information. Renowned marketer and influencer Neil Patel supports using Quora as a marketing tool.

How do I Get More Viewers For Free? 

Share your video with family and friends and ask them to share it on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts. Reach out to blogs and notable websites to feature content or quotes from your videos. Their traffic becomes more eyes on your content. The more blogs and articles you are featured in, the better your chances are at increasing your viewership.

The YouTube algorithm is a mystery, but it’s a notable trend that videos with more engagement are shown to more people. Reach out to friends, family, fellow creators, and social media followers and encourage them to leave Likes and Comments on your videos. The more engagement your videos have, the more likely they are to show up as Suggested Videos for other people.

Can I Pay Youtube to Promote My Channel? 

In a way, you can. By setting an advertisement through Google Ads you can create an Ad that will play before other videos that will promote your channel or a specific video. You must create the ad yourself, so for YouTube this could be an extensive and pricey path to take. However, if you have the means to pursue this option, it is a surefire way to get eyes on your content and to make people aware of your channel.

How do I Promote My Youtube Video in 2020? 

The content creation field is filled with creators pumping out content at an unprecedented rate. You don’t want to get left behind. One idea worth investigating is hiring a company or firm to promote your content.

Companies like SOAR that offer social media marketing, such as their Managed Reddit Marketing Service or their Content Marketing Services are great places to look. Content creators can certainly promote for free, but how sure are you that your reach is being maximized? Do you use all existing and proven marketing avenues such as Reddit and Quora? Is your channel being included and promoted in blogs and articles across the web?

Promotion is no easy task and maintaining your brand awareness across the fierce landscape that is content creation is an all-consuming task. There are several ways to promote for free; using other social media such as Twitter and Instagram to grow your platform with daily interaction, direct engagement with people who have an interest in the topics that your brand discusses on Reddit and Quora, reaching out to blogs and sites that share your platform, and more.

Get out there and make your name known, try a bit of everything that you can find that is free. Use social media to your advantage and be as active as you can be. There’s no sleep in the marketing game!