This article teaches you how to add website links with anchor texts which can be used on posts and comments.

Before we begin, what is an anchor text? It’s basically the highlighted text that can be clicked to open a target web page.

Sample anchor text: This is the website.

Now without further adieu, here are 7 easy steps on how to link in Reddit.

Step 1: Log-in to your Reddit account and open a post.

Step 2: Write your comment. Be sure to follow the rules of the specific SubReddit to make sure your comment doesn’t get removed.

Step 3: Make a Google search and copy the url of the website you want to link.

  • Right-click on the link to see options and select “copy link address”

Step 4: Go back to your comment and select the words you want to use as anchor text.

  • In light of “Reddiquette”, be sure to use relevant words and do not use “click-bait” anchor texts to mislead other users.

Step 5: click on the “link” toolbar highlighted in yellow.

Step 6: Paste the url of the link and click “insert”

Step 7: Once users click on the anchor text, it will open your linked site.