The odds are that you’ve probably heard of Pinterest. After all, it’s one of the world’s leading social media platforms. In 2020 alone, the number of active users on the platform increased from 367 million to 442 million per month. However, you may be unfamiliar with how to use it. Worse yet, you might be missing out on all the benefits of marketing your business on Pinterest. But have no fear, this informative article is here!

The best way to describe Pinterest is that it’s a mix of Instagram and Etsy. It’s an image-based website that allows users to share and discover their ideas and interests. The images posted by users are called pins. Although a pin can stand alone, it is often grouped with similar pins in order to form themed boards. Think of it as a digitized scrapbook.

Popular content on Pinterest caters to audiences who are interested in cooking, art, fashion, DIY projects, and other lifestyle-based topics. However, its search engine allows you to find just about any niche community on the site. This wide breadth of audiences makes Pinterest an ideal marketing spot for a variety of businesses. 

Why should you use Pinterest as a marketing tool?

So far, Pinterest seems like a social media platform best used for entertainment. That being said, why should you use Pinterest for business? Let’s take a closer look at which demographics are actively using the platform.

According to a survey conducted by the site, 60% of Pinterest’s global audience consists of women aged 25-54. In addition to that, 93% of people on the site use Pinterest reviews to decide whether they’ll purchase products and services. This tops the percentage of people who use Instagram or Facebook for shopping. Clearly, using Pinterest for business marketing is a worthwhile pursuit.

Beginners’ Guide to Digital Marketing Strategies on Pinterest

Ready to get started? Before we can delve into our Pinterest marketing tutorial, you’ll need to create a Pinterest business account. From there on, you can optimize your account in a variety of ways. You can add relevant hashtags and keywords to your pins, join group boards, and check your audience insights in order to improve your marketing strategy. Plus, you can run Pinterest ads.

Here are a few things you need to know about running your Pinterest business account:

  1. When it comes to sharing pins, keep the 70/30 rule in mind. Create 70% of your content. This can include video pins, photos, and a shared blog post or posts. The remaining 30% of pins should be content from other people. This ensures that your account is more relatable and less likely to seem like a marketing gimmick.
  1. The most visually pleasing accounts post vertical, rather than horizontal, pins.
  1. Joining a group board will help you gain followers faster. This is because a Pinterest group board is a collection of different Pinterest accounts which post to one location. For a Pinterest user, having all of their interests on one board is convenient. This makes them more likely to follow the board and discover your page.
  1. Schedule your pins. The algorithm loves accounts that have consistent activity. Need I say more?

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The takeaway: 

Is Pinterest marketing worth it?

Hopefully, these tips will help you start marketing your business on Pinterest. As you do so, keep in mind that Pinterest is among the world’s largest social networks. It also hosts an audience that is very willing to shop online. If used correctly, your Pinterest business account can generate more sales, followers, or readers for your business.