Pinterest was first known as the go-to site for recipes and decor ideas. But over the years, it grew past that and is now the fourth most popular social media platform in the United States. It is currently a top visual search engine that houses various photos, graphics, links, and inspiration for almost anything.

Pinterest has become a goldmine, especially for businesses with a visual aspect to their brand. Among all its users, 55% of them are on the platform to look for photos of new products. That is why businesses should use the platform and create a Pinterest marketing strategy!

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Want to try out Pinterest Marketing Strategy? There are various strategies you can use to increase brand awareness and followers. Below are the following steps:

Create branding for your profile

The first thing any business should do when forming a social media presence is to brand your profile. In Pinterest, you need to create a business account to access Pinterest analytics, rich pins, and a whole lot more. Next, you need to add branding to your Pinterest profile. That way, your posts are recognizable to your audience.

The first step in branding your Pinterest account is choosing a cover board. Your cover board must shows pins from that board at the top of your profile. These individual pins aren’t clickable, but there is a link to that board at the cover design corner. This is a perfect place to add branded boards with links to blog posts, graphics, and other content relating to your company. Ensure that it matches your overall branding.

Make sure that you have a profile photo and a bio. This will be the first impression you give to your followers. So make sure this content is optimized and represent you or your business.

Determine your content strategy

Do you know what type of content you will share with your target audience on Pinterest? Different types of content work well on this platform. If you still haven’t decided which one you’ll use, here are some of the most shared content on Pinterest:

  • Product pins: These are pins that showcase the products you sell. If you are a retailer or an online store, it is best to take stunning product photos and turn them into pins. From there, your target audience can see what you’re selling.
  • Blog post graphics: Another type of pins that you can use is blog post graphics pins. It allows you to promote the articles you publish on your site.
  • Infographics pin: An informational and visual content that attracts followers on Pinterest.

Join community boards

Another marketing strategy you can use on Pinterest is joining and creating group boards. Pinterest allows users to create a board and invite others to contribute to a board. This is a great way to get your content in front of new audiences. You can search for prominent Pinners relevant to you and check if they also have a community!

Most users who create community boards will include rules or a link to joining. So be sure to check it and see what you can find. Usually, you need to email the owner, follow their accounts, or fill out a form. Once joined, you need to remain active by pinning some of your content and adding other pins. This way, you are only subtly promoting yourself or your business.


Pinterest may not always be the first social media platform to use for marketing. However, it sure does provide a whole lot of benefits to you and your business. Now, to truly succeed in Pinterest marketing, you should also have good content. That’s why if you’re struggling on this part, you can subscribe to a Content Marketing Service. This service will let you have high-quality content so your Pinterest marketing efforts will not go to waste.