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Total karmaLink karmaComment karmaCountryAgeIndustryTop SubredditsExtrasPriceCheckout
t****61005370210US4 Months OldCrypto/Financer/altcoin, r/CryptoMarkets, r/btc, r/Bitcoin$149.99
134.99Add to Cart 520
T****35902260260US5 Months OldCrypto/Financer/cryptostreetbets, r/CryptoCurrency, r/BitcoinBeginners, r/dogecoin$130.99
117.99Add to Cart 1070
t****69805310320US4 Months OldCrypto/Financer/CryptoMarkets, r/altcoin, r/btc, r/Bitcoin$155.99
139.99Add to Cart 1350
t****84006240210US4 Months OldCrypto/Financer/CryptoCurrencies, r/BitcoinMining, r/EtherMining, r/BitcoinTrophy Case: 100 Awards Club$163.99
147.99Add to Cart 1950
K****69805810330US5 Months OldCrypto/Financer/Bitcoin, r/btc, r/altcoin, r/CryptoMarkets$156.99
140.99Add to Cart 840
K****624304618013620KE2 Years 4 Months OldMusic, Technologyr/Kenya, r/hiphopheads, r/androidapps, r/soccer, r/newsTrophy Case: Two-Year Club, Wearing is Caring$468.99
421.99Add to Cart 2630
I****34640321030840CA6 Months OldGamingr/Warthunder, r/WorldOfTanksBlitz, r/enlistedgame, r/CompanyOfHeroes, r/foxholegame$285.99
256.99Add to Cart 590
c****45903870570US5 Months OldCrypto/Financer/Bitcoin, r/btc, r/altcoin, r/CryptoMarkets$138.99
124.99Add to Cart 160
O****15801260290US5 Months OldGeneralr/Eyebleach, r/MadeMeSmile, r/nextfuckinglevel$55.99
49.99Add to Cart 30
N****24802070400US5 Months OldGeneralr/HolUp, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/MadeMeSmile, r/Unexpected$58.99
52.99Add to Cart 20
M****21701180970US5 Months OldGeneralr/tumblr, r/BrandNewSentence, r/meirl$55.99
49.99Add to Cart 20
O****19601660290US5 Months OldGeneralr/memes, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/Unexpected$55.99
49.99Add to Cart 20
R****19001720150US5 Months OldGeneralr/tippytaps, r/nextfuckinglevel$55.99
49.99Add to Cart 30
B****20401070960US5 Months OldGeneralr/tumblr, r/MadeMeSmile, r/technicallythetruth, r/suspiciouslyspecific$55.99
49.99Add to Cart 20
G****28202360360US4 Months OldGeneralr/MadeMeSmile, r/suspiciouslyspecific, r/BlackPeopleTwitter$62.99
56.99Add to Cart 100
f****29402650170US4 Months OldGeneralr/Eyebleach, r/BeAmazed, r/pics$65.99
58.99Add to Cart 120
f****27202180210US4 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/Whatcouldgowrong, r/HermanCainAward, r/WatchPeopleDieInside$59.99
53.99Add to Cart 340
c****25002140110US4 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/Unexpected, r/memes$57.99
51.99Add to Cart 250
A****316012701830US3 Months OldGeneralr/tumblr, r/oddlyspecific, r/suspiciouslyspecific$65.99
58.99Add to Cart 50
A****15601380130US4 Months OldGeneralr/WhitePeopleTwitter, r/KidsAreFuckingStupid, r/AskReddit$55.99
49.99Add to Cart 50
E****476603563011880AU4 Years 10 Months OldGaming, Sportsr/GYM, r/AFL, r/pcmasterrace, r/australia, r/AskRedditTrophy Case: Four-Year Club$427.99
384.99Add to Cart 140
C****29402570180US4 Months OldGeneralr/WatchPeopleDieInside, r/Eyebleach, r/MadeMeSmile$62.99
56.99Add to Cart 190
F****5559050054560DE4 Years 5 Months OldGaming, Music, Stocksr/Minecraft, r/fo4, r/Bass, r/amcstock, r/Witcher3Four-Year Club$463.99
417.99Add to Cart 530
j****35803250230US3 Months OldGeneralr/WhitePeopleTwitter, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/MadeMeSmile$70.99
63.99Add to Cart 110
C****34402930250US3 Months OldGeneralr/Eyebleach, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/Whatcouldgowrong, r/HolUp$69.99
62.99Add to Cart 260
A****28202500260US3 Months OldGeneralr/WhitePeopleTwitter, r/todayilearned, r/MadeMeSmile, r/notliketheothergirls$59.99
53.99Add to Cart 60
A****3230296080US4 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/Unexpected, r/memes$68.99
61.99Add to Cart 190
s****7500572090US7 Months OldGeneralr/aww, r/Animemes$126.99
113.99Add to Cart 1690
N****6220517090US6 Months OldGeneralr/HumansBeingBros, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/MadeMeSmile$109.99
98.99Add to Cart 960
M****106207620170US6 Months OldGeneralr/AnimalsBeingDerps, r/Unexpected, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/gamingTrophy Case: 100 Awards Club$150.99
135.99Add to Cart 2830
C****5790559080US6 Months OldGeneralr/Whatcouldgowrong, r/nextfuckinglevel$105.99
94.99Add to Cart 120
C****86207220180US6 Months OldGeneralr/facepalm, r/funny, r/nextfuckinglevel$133.99
120.99Add to Cart 1210
A****124206450200US6 Months OldGeneralr/MadeMeSmile, r/tumblr, r/antiworkTrophy Case: 100 Awards Club$160.99
144.99Add to Cart 5770
M****46323924179US5 Months OldGeneralr/HumansBeingBros, r/nextfuckinglevel$90.99
81.99Add to Cart 529
J****52454275160US5 Months OldGeneralr/HumansBeingBros, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/Damnthatsinteresting$97.99
87.99Add to Cart 810
H****144656661209US6 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/Unexpected$171.99
154.99Add to Cart 7595
T****66306030150US6 Months OldGeneralr/BeAmazed, r/nextfuckinglevel$113.99
102.99Add to Cart 450
S****87906900160US6 Months OldGeneralr/BeAmazed, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/funny$136.99
122.99Add to Cart 1730
S****59605500110US6 Months OldGeneralr/WhitePeopleTwitter, r/MadeMeSmile, r/nextfuckinglevel$107.99
96.99Add to Cart 340
r****84606750180US6 Months OldGeneralr/Whatcouldgowrong, r/MadeMeSmile, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/aww$132.99
119.99Add to Cart 1540
M****48304370110US6 Months OldGeneralr/Unexpected, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/aww$93.99
84.99Add to Cart 350
K****60904830140US6 Months OldGeneralr/BeAmazed, r/funny$108.99
97.99Add to Cart 1120
J****97406590150US6 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/aww$145.99
130.99Add to Cart 3010
J****7160560090US6 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/aww$120.99
108.99Add to Cart 1460
J****71406580170US6 Months OldGeneralr/WatchPeopleDieInside, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/aww$119.99
107.99Add to Cart 400
G****6650558090US6 Months OldGeneralr/HumansBeingBros, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/aww$113.99
102.99Add to Cart 980
E****79806560210US5 Months OldGeneralr/HumansBeingBros, r/MadeMeSmile$128.99
115.99Add to Cart 1210
E****7260581090US6 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/aww, r/Unexpected$121.99
109.99Add to Cart 1370
E****71206100190US6 Months OldGeneralr/BeAmazed, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/funny$119.99
107.99Add to Cart 830
D****87005950150US6 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/rarepuppers, r/EyebleachTrophy Case: 100 Awards Club$135.99
121.99Add to Cart 2600
A****60804880220US6 Months OldGeneralr/MadeMeSmile, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/Unexpected$108.99
97.99Add to Cart 980
L****46904130200US6 Months OldGeneralr/Whatcouldgowrong, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/aww$91.99
82.99Add to Cart 370
A****8000521080US6 Months OldGeneralr/aww, r/Unexpected, r/nextfuckinglevelTrophy Case: 100 Awards Club$128.99
115.99Add to Cart 2710
M****10910578090US6 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/funnyTrophy Case: 100 Awards Club$152.99
137.99Add to Cart 5050
N****114606090140US6 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/awwTrophy Case: 100 Awards Club$155.99
139.99Add to Cart 5230
W****53504270150US6 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/aww$100.99
90.99Add to Cart 930
D****11190645090US6 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/awwTrophy Case: 100 Awards Club, Wearing is Caring$153.99
138.99Add to Cart 4660
o****7150189080US6 Months OldGeneralr/nextfuckinglevel, r/BeAmazed, r/Eyebleach, r/rarepuppersTrophy Case: Ternion Club, Reddit Premium (5months)$120.99
108.99Add to Cart 5180
r****7140527080US7 Months OldGeneralr/aww, r/oddlysatisfying, r/nextfuckinglevel, r/Art, r/findfashion$121.99
109.99Add to Cart 1790

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