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Post a thread or comment on Reddit

Start off by posting a new thread in your target subreddit of choice


Buy Reddit upvotes

Purchase an upvote or comment package from Soar


Watch the magic happen

Our team gets to work crafting comments and pushing upvotes to your submission

Options, options and more options

Change upvote delivery speeds

Need to slow down or speed up your upvotes to seem more organic? Great – we let you do that for free. Choose from Very slow, Slow, Normal and Fast.

Balance orders with downvotes

Nothing screams fake upvotes like a 100% upvote score on a post or comment. Balance your order with downvotes and get a realistic 85% upvoted.

Leave all the posting to us

Don’t worry about posting and managing the campaign, we allow you to post through one of our high karma accounts.

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Want to add some comments to make your order more legit? You got it.

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Adjust your upvoting timing and control the speed of delivery. Have full control.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Reddit Service

What kind of accounts do you use?

We diversify the accounts that will be upvoting and commenting on posts, our accounts are aged from 1 month to 7 years.

Can my account get banned/shadow-banned from Reddit?

As far as we know, No. But obvious Spam posts can get your accounts banned. If you don’t know how reddit works please contact us so we can guide you.

Can I get recommendations for my reddit marketing campaign?

Reach out on our live chat and ask away. We’re happy to answer questions and help you put together your campaign.

Can I buy upvotes for a post older than a day?

Yes! We can upvote any posts/comments. While for downvotes, we can process posts/comments up to 48 hours old.

I really like your Reddit service!

Thanks, but thats not a question!

Why should I buy Reddit upvotes?

Well, if you want your Reddit post to be seen by many users, you need to get a lot of upvotes. That’s how the Reddit algorithm works. The higher it ranks, the more likely it is to reach the “hot page” of that subreddit. If it doesn’t go well organically, then you can boost it by buying instant Reddit upvotes and getting your post out there.

How long will my upvotes/downvotes take to be completed?

These are the rough estimate of our speed delivery settings

Rush order = delivery starts within 30 minutes.

Non-rush order = delivery starts within 30mins to 1hr queueing time.

Fast Speed

50 votes = 30mins

100 votes = 1hr

200 votes = 2hr

500 votes = 4hrs

1000 votes = 7-10hrs

Normal Speed

50 votes = 45mins

100 votes = 1.5hr

200 votes = 3hrs

500 votes = 6hrs

1000 votes = 10-15hrs

Slow Speed

50 votes = 1hr

100 votes = 2hrs

200 votes = 4hrs

500 votes = 8hrs

1000 votes = 12-18hrs

Really Slow Speed

50 votes = 1.5hr

100 votes = 3hrs

200 votes = 5hrs

500 votes = 10hrs

1000 votes = 14-20hrs

Disclaimer: These are only rough estimates of delivery. Other factors may affect these speed settings at a slower pace, such as server speed, subreddit updates, etc. No worries! We guarantee that your ordered votes will be delivered within 6 hours max for 200 votes after purchase even with these said factors. We highly recommend to only use the “fast speed” option for non heavily moderated subreddits.

When will my upvotes come in?

Typically, we see that orders get processed 3 hours after order placement. If we don’t deliver all upvotes within 12 hours, you’re eligible for a full refund.

Can my account get banned from a subreddit?

Yes. Common sense rules apply. Blatant spamming on reddit never goes along well. If the subreddit moderators feel that you have spammed the subreddit, you may get banned. This is on you.

What if I’m unsatisfied with my order?

If you’re unsatisfied with your order for any reason, please reach out to our live chat – we’ll make it right.

How do I submit an order to post through your account?

Just include the URL of the subreddit you’d like to post on when submitting the order 🙂

How do I buy reddit upvotes again?

Scroll to the top of the page and you will see a dropdown menu with the amount of upvotes you can buy from. You can choose from 10,25,50,100,200 or more. Select your quantity and hit ‘Get Started’. That will move you to the next section which you will input your details and any extra options you would like. Then just add to cart and proceed to checkout. You’re done!

What was the most upvoted post?

We have a blog post fully dedicated to the most upvoted posts of all time. Read more about it here.

Can I schedule my upvotes/downvotes to launch as soon as I have posted?

We process our orders based on the time it was placed and purchased. We currently do not cater advance orders but you can opt into our ‘Rush order’ if you need the votes within 30 minutes. In addition, feel free to reach out to our customer support and they will always answer any question you may have.

What kind of accounts do you use?

We diversify the accounts that will be upvoting and commenting on posts. Our accounts are aged from 1 month to 7 years with high karma and active members on top subreddits that have strict restrictions on posting/commenting.

What’s the maximum number of votes can you deliver to a post/comment?

Our minimum guarantee is 1000 upvotes and the maximum is 3000. To add more, simply make another order. Upvotes capacity & distribution per answer may vary.

What are Reddit coins?

Reddit coins are Reddit’s virtual currency that used in purchasing different awards to exemplary posts or comments.

We have a service that offers giving an award using these Reddit coins (Silver, Gold, Platinum) to a post/comment. You can buy it as an extra to our upvote/downvote service here.

What is ‘Monitor your post’?

This means that you can order extra upvotes or downvotes by this add-on, whether on the post itself, the comments of the post, or the competing comments of the ordered URL. We will moderate the comments on a post. Sending upvotes to comments that we think will help boost the post then downvotes for comments that will negatively affect it. 

You can also chat with us if you have request links to vote. This is available for purchase as an extra to our upvote/downvote service here.

How can I buy comments/awards/post-through your account service?

You can buy it as an extra to our upvote/downvote service. Once you have clicked “Get Started” you can choose some additional add-ons to your Upvote/Downvote order.

How many upvotes should I buy?

The number of upvotes depends on the competition in the subreddit you are promoting in. Look at the number of upvotes that posts on that frontpage typically have to gauge how many you need. If you’re unsure how many upvotes you’ll order contact us through chat.

Can you provide downvotes to buy?

Yep, check here.

Do you do partnerships with agencies or resellers?

Yep 👉 Contact us.

Is there a bulk-buy discount?

If you’re planning a long-term marketing campaign and want to include Reddit services in that mix, please reach out to our team.

Can I get some free Reddit upvotes?

No. But since you asked nicely – you can check here occasionally for a sample.

Do you also offer votes for a comment?

Yes! Just put the permalink of the comment on the URL section of your upvotes/downvotes order before you check out.

Can my account get banned/shadow-banned from Reddit/Subreddit when I use your service?

There are a lot of factors when an account gets banned within a subreddit. It is important that the content they are promoting still adheres to the rules and guidelines of the platform. Please also note some industries are considered ‘higher risk’. We are happy to offer further advice on these if needed. Here are a few additional points for Reddit and which might result in deletion/banning:


  1. Must adhere to the subreddit rules – post title (example, the title needs to follow specific format) 
  2. The account may be considered spam or shilled.
  3. May not have set up a post flair, or user flair.
  4. Some subreddits allow post types depending on the day, or if they have threads where you can place a post as comments.
  5. Your post may need to be marked as NSFW 
What does it mean to “Give Award” on Reddit?

Giving an Award, or “gilding”, is a way to show appreciation for an exceptional contribution to Reddit. You can award someone by clicking on “Give Award” below their post or comment. This distinguishes it with an Award for all to see, and some even grant the honoree special bonus benefits.

We have a service that offers giving an award (Silver, Gold, Platinum) to a post/comment. You can buy it as an extra to our upvote/downvote service here.

What is a ‘Rush Order’?

‘Rush Order’ add-on means that the order you place will not be queued and will start the delivery of initial upvotes within 30 minutes. We will prioritize your order among the current orders at the time of your purchase.

How does your “Balance with Downvotes” service work?

Instead of only receiving upvotes on your post (which might be suspicious to subreddit moderators at times), you will get an additional 15% downvotes on top of the total upvotes you want to order. For example, if you want to place an order for 200 upvotes, 15% of it (30 downvotes) will be added on top of it.

What is ‘Post Through our Account’?

An add-on service to upvotes wherein customers can request a link, text, image, or a video to be posted in a particular subreddit through one of our own aged Reddit accounts. 

You can buy it as an extra to our upvote/downvote service here.

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