The thought of buying Spotify plays has crossed many artists’ minds at one point or the other. Some look at it with disdain, while others see it as a plausible music promotion avenue. While the general trajectory of an artist’s journey is looked upon as being one of organic growth — slowly building up a fan base to ultimately gaining fame — some prefer to take a shorter route by buying Spotify plays, either on their own volition or through counsel. 

Music streaming platforms are the primary mode of consumption for unique listeners, and Spotify is the largest music streaming service; thus, it makes sense why buying Spotify plays is a thing. But what are the pros and cons? And is it worth it? Let’s look at some factors to consider.

How much does it cost to buy Spotify streams?

There are a multitude of companies all over the internet that sell “boosting” services. The majority come in a tier system where you can pay for a few plays or fork out an enormous sum for a higher number of plays. The price could start at $10 for 1 000 plays to $500 for 50 000 plays to upwards of $5,000 for a million streams! Their methods for generating these are primarily kept secret, and words like ‘marketing’ and ‘promotion’ are used as blanket statements to explain their process for getting Spotify streams. 

Can you fake Spotify plays?

The short answer is yes, but it’s not that simple. The repercussions could be devastating. Your song could get taken down, and worst-case scenario, your account could get banned. ‘Stream farms’ and listening bots have grown rampant in music streaming, which work by accumulating fake plays for artist accounts, especially on Spotify, which then pays out music royalties for the fake streams. 

These sites are being targeted for closure and lawsuits by music associations worldwide, and Spotify is vigorously fighting back. So, you can fake Spotify plays, but it won’t last as it’ll be found out, which could land you in trouble.

Can you buy monthly listeners on Spotify?

Just like purchasing Spotify plays, you can also buy monthly listeners. You can buy Spotify followers too. It seems that there’s nothing you can’t buy when it comes to Spotify “promotion”. Monthly listeners prices can start from as low as $5 for 1,000 to $300 for 100,000 monthly listeners. Most campaigns start in 24 hours and are renewed every month. Once again, this is a questionable tactic that may involve fake plays, which will raise red flags on your artist account. 

Are Spotify plays worth buying?

By now, I’m sure you know that Spotify plays are not worth buying. Spotify recently removed thousands of indie songs from their platform uploaded by music distribution services due to fraudulent plays. This move highlights their intolerance to fake plays, and it even affected artists who hadn’t bought plays as Spotify reserved the right to remove any song it suspected of having inflated streams.

The move caused mixed reactions and discussions on how to better filter out the genuine from ingenuine users. Meanwhile, the aim to prevent undeserving artist accounts from being targeted in the future are ongoing.

The best way to gain organic Spotify plays is to use genuine marketing campaigns that target a real audience. These real people can, in turn, become your fans. You may choose to self promote using social media platforms, word of mouth, email newsletters, billboards, and magazines. Alternatively, you can seek the services of a reputable marketing agency that focuses on getting your music to real people. 

One example is Soar, a digital marketing company that focuses on SEO and social marketing services with an out of the box approach like Reddit and Quora marketing. Ultimately, when it comes to music exposure (and Spotify promotion), you want to target a real audience. That way, you can get actual results and measure your growth while retaining and growing your fanbase.