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Frequently asked questions 🙋

These cover the basics of our Quora marketing services

  • What is Quora?

    Quora is a user-generated content platform that is reportedly receiving over 300 million monthly active users. According to Alexa, Quora ranks at #80 globally.

    • The site has a 43/57 female-to-male ratio
    • Adult users with a household income greater than $100K spend 2x more on Quora than on LinkedIn
    • 32.5% of Quora users are 25 to 34-year-olds
    • There are over 400, 000 topics available on Quora
    • 63% of Quora’s visits come from online searches. If your answer is the top-rated answer, then your brand will pop up in the search results
    • Quora users are 37% more likely to be in a management position. This is a great driving force for leads in the B2B industry
    • Quora’s user database isn’t public. However, several sites have already farmed the data. 35% of Americans use Quora for their searches.

  • Why Quora marketing?

    1. Get the word out
    Startups often have difficulty getting their brand out there. Quora is a level playing field where big companies don’t have an advantage on. Unlike social media where a huge following means more visibility, Quora incentivizes thought leadership content more.

    2. Redirect online traffic
    By answering relevant industry questions and subtly inserting a link to your website, you can redirect quality traffic.

    3. Establish brand authority and awareness
    Being cited multiple times as an authority figure will establish your authority in the industry while boosting your brand awareness.

    4. Increase Search visibility
    Consider a Quora answer a shortcut for SEO. When your answer becomes the top-rated answer on Quora, it will come out in the Google Snippets section. What this means is that when users search a question, they will see your brand. For example, your brand can show up in any of these Google Snippets.

    5. High quality content
    Quora upholds a high standard for their answers. If you want your answer to be live, it must offer helpful information and brand new insights that enrich the discussion. Marketing your brand must be the second priority. Why is this a good thing? Because you’re assured that there will be little to no spam links. Getting past Quora moderation is a challenge and only the best content reaps the benefits.

    6. Market research potential
    Quora is a platform whose content is driven by real people in search of real answers. You can profile your target audience deeper by looking at what they’re searching for. Improving your product to target these pain points will generate a loyal brand following.

  • What industries are a fit for Quora?

    Typically, Quora is best for industries that have a lot of research from consumers.
    Some examples of companies that do well…

    • Supplements & CBD
    • Software & SaaS
    • Finance & Fintech
    • Blockchain
    • Health & Wellness
    • Consultants & Coaches

    This list isn’t exhaustive. We’ve had successful campaigns with different types of companies, but these are the kinds that typically succeed on Quora.

  • How many Quora answers are right for me?

    This depends on your industry, marketing budget & goals. For really small industries, getting 5-10 Quora answers is enough to cover the important points. Medium-sized to large industries generally benefit from a more aggressive approach of 20-40 answers. It’s always safe to start with a small amount and add more as your startup (& budget) grows!

  • I have reputation issues on Quora, can you help?

    We’ve helped clients who’ve been blasted with negative reviews by competitors in the past. Happy to help with this. Schedule a call

  • What accounts do you use for posting?

    We have a established network of accounts across industries that we use. Each account has it’s own persona, background and specialization in terms of the topics they cover. Account histories are highly mixed and include different types of engagement across Quora.

  • Can you ghost-write Quora answers on my account?

    Yes. Choose “Customize my order” and then select the “Use my Quora account” option during checkout. Send us the login info and we’ll get it done from your account ?

  • How long does it take to deliver my Quora answers?

    For our managed packages, we guarantee delivery within 14 days. For customized orders that don’t select the “rush order” option, we guarantee turnaround within 30 days.

  • Do you do partnerships with agencies or product studios?

    Of course! Get in touch on our schedule a call page and let’s link up 🙂

  • How do I get started?

    Select the package you’re interested and go from there 🙂

  • How many leads can Quora marketing campaigns bring to my brand?

    That is very subjective and almost impossible to say right now. Nonetheless, we are very successful on Quora and receive very impressive results and our posts are often shared in Quora digest. 

    More important factor to look at is your actual website, in terms of UI/UX, SEO & Content. Website optimization and actual conversion rate on your landing page are what persuades the visitors to convert. We bring visitors and it is your responsibility if they convert or not. We can send hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your website, but if you have poor website optimization, they simply will not convert.

  • How to use Quora for content marketing?

    If you for some reason don’t feel like creating a new blog section on your website, it’s fine. You are not alone. Many businesses decide to use Quora instead. Why?

    Why? Well, website optimization has unbeatable ROI yet it needs long-term tactics for UI/UX efficiency, SEO & Content marketing. And the more saturated the business niche, the more complex it becomes.

    Therefore, many businesses decide to take advantage of Quora for a simpler & faster approach to their ROI. Quora is a well-known website with a high authority domain, which means that many of your posts can actually rank very high on Google and bring you the necessary traffic. We have prepared several steps to follow, in order for you to succeed with content marketing

    Follow these 5 steps to use Quora for content marketing:

    1. Complete your user profile
    2. Engage in industry-relevant topics
    3. Create content to provide value instead of promoting your brand
    4. Remember to optimize your content for SEO
    5. Be active and consistent

    However, it might be quite challenging to do, which is why partnering up with a marketing agency could be a clever solution for you. Our internal experts have 7+ years of experience within Quora marketing and will provide you with custom, data-backed solutions exactly for your needs.

  • Benefits of Quora Marketing

    Quora for marketing brings several benefits for your brand. These are the biggest benefits:

    • Quora is excellent for content ideation 
    • Quora can be a reputation management tool
    • Quora allows you to analyze your target audience
    • Quora posts can boost your SEO & search engine ranking
    • Quora elevates brand awareness & findability
    • Quora enables you to engage with users in a “close relationship” 

    These are the biggest benefits of Quora marketing and the sooner you begin on taking advantage of them, the faster you can attract your target audience.