In this post I’m going to round up the the best tools for finding, researching and analyzing users on Reddit.

When writing this post, I asked myself…

What are the tools that marketers & entrepreneurs need when approaching Reddit?

The tools I’ve found will help you

  • Discover at–a-glance insights into individual Redditors
  • Dig deeper and find out user activity patterns, sentiment, word frequency & more.
  • Find Reddit influencers

So make sure to stick around and see through the entire post.

Let’s dive in πŸ‘‡

RedditInvestigator: Best for at-a-glance insights

The RedditInvestigator homepage

Simple and minimal, RedditInvestigator makes looking up basic stats about users a breeze.

Enter in any Reddit handle into the homepage and you’ll get a dashboard with key stats. The dashboard covers basic information like

  1. Most active hours
  2. Link Karma over time
  3. Comment karma over time
  4. Favorite subreddits

The ease of use of this app really makes sharing your insights easy as pie.

Redditmeitis: Best for profile research

The Redditmeitis homepage

A lesser known Reddit analysis tool, Redditmeitis dives really deep to get meaningful stats and insights about users.

Unlike any tool I’ve seen, Redditmeitis shows.

  • Comment sentiment analysis
  • Activity & submission patterns
  • Top active subreddits
  • A word cloud with word frequency information
Some of the activity pattern statistics

It’s perfect for digging into the style and patterns of a single Reddit user.

Read on to see the best tool for tracking your posts and campaigns…

RedditInsight: Best for monitoring a single post

It’s not winning any beauty awards…

RedditInsight simultaneously wins 2 awards.

  1. Ugliest tool on our list
  2. Best for monitoring and running marketing campaigns

But behind the janky interface, the functionality is great.

The killer feature of the tool is it’s Post tracking feature

It allows you to monitor the progress and trend of any individual post over time.

It’s packaged neatly into an easy-to-read karma-over-time graph which makes this a great reporting tool for clients.

RedditInsight’s post tracking tool

But for those of us who don’t want to deal with information overload, something simpler is in order…

Karmalb: Best for influencer research

The karmalb homepage

Karmalb is a leaderboard that’s similar to the subreddit analysis leaderboards we’ve reviewed in the past. But this tool focuses entirely on users.

The leaderboards have key stats about the most active users across Reddit, along with Reddit karma & age statistics.

It’s a perfect way to find influencers and top Redditors in your niche.

Thats it for our list!

These are the best free tools for analyzing users on Reddit.

Congrats on making it all the way to the end of the post. πŸ˜‰

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