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We’ve helped hundreds of customers across dozens of verticals. See specific case studies, results & more from past some of our past customers.Β 

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Take advantage of all of Reddit's marketing capabilities. From name-dropping a brand in thread comments, to a full blown viral post in your community.

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Whether it's a SaaS app, a Spotify playlist, or an Onlyfans page. Chances are there's a community on Reddit that's passionate about it. We'll help you promote your content wherever your audience hangs out.


Reddit Marketing Packages for Startups

Reddit Autopilot

A month by month, done-for-you Reddit posting campaign

  • Starting at 5 posts
  • Guaranteed Hot page for every post
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Protected by the Soar guarantee
  • Realtime order tracking

Starting at

$1,300/mo Schedule a call

Reputation Management

Get positive brand mentions across Reddit

  • Minimum 10 positive brand mentions
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Protected by the Soar guarantee
  • Real-time order tracking

Starting at

$1,320/mo Schedule a call

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See how we drove more than 2500 users to a dating app with a single post.

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  • We're a game development company that organized and planned our launch with Soar. We had a wonderful experience and drove more than 2000 installs from our Reddit campaign over 14 days. Thank you Soar!  
    Steam Developer — Joe

Frequently asked questions πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

These cover the basics of our Reddit marketing services

  • What kind of marketing service do you provide on Reddit?

    Our services are going to depend based on each client, we have a broad range of capabilities we mix and match to achieve client goals.

    These capabilities include…

    1. Planning & promoting viral posts across small to large subreddits
    2. Namedropping keywords, brands, ideas and otherwise “joining the conversation” as users on Reddit are having them.
    3. Monitoring topics, threads & trends to find opportunities for content placement

  • Who should use Reddit marketing services?

    As a general rule, if your vertical already has an existing community, it’s a fit for promotion on Reddit.

    The more communities around your vertical and topic the better. Some notable industries which have large communities on Reddit

    • Consumable media – books, podcasts, music & comedians & more.
    • Cryptocurrency / Blockchain
    • CBD / Vaping
    • Adult
    • Finance
    • Gaming
    • Self improvement

  • I'm a solopreneur, creative or small business, are these services a fit for me?

    We’ve designed a set of packages that are very competitively priced for brand new digital businesses and creatives. Schedule a call and we’ll be happy to go over them.

  • I'm a large business with special needs, are your services a fit for me?

    We’ve seen increased demand for larger businesses, and have been expanding our ability to meet the demands. We’re always adding new ways to integrate with our partners. Schedule a discovery call and let’s see if its a fit.

  • Can you guarantee my content will go viral?

    No! We’re specialists in making content go viral, but if your target audience is truly not interested in your message or product, there’s very little we can do about that.

  • Will you sign an NDA?

    NAD a problem!

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Achieve your marketing goals on Reddit. Go viral, improve your reputation & more.