With over 1.5 billion registered users, there’s no question that Reddit has become the go-to platform for virtual communities.

Users, or Redditors, come from all walks of life, which is why you’re sure to find a community made for you.

Whether you’re a crypto bro, parents looking for advice, a stanning fanboy/girl, or someone who just needs a friend, you can easily join relevant subreddit groups.

And, on the rare chance that there’s no active community on Reddit, users can make their own Subreddits.

Subreddits let you build online communities around a topic you and others are interested in. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded people while getting various opinions.

What’s excellent about Reddit is that you’ll always find someone with a different opinion playing devil’s advocate, a must to enrich the discussion.

Are you interested? If you’re thinking of making a subreddit, read ahead on how to grow a subreddit!

Creating (and subsequently building) an active subreddit can be a bit tricky. And this is coming from Redditors that have been on the platform for years.

Good graphics can make a good impression

Creating your own subreddit is easy once your Reddit account meets the requirements. The real challenge begins with maintaining and growing your new subreddit.

First things first, presentation matters. Put some effort into your new subreddit’s banner, icons, and other media. 

Good images and photos are often the first things that greet potential community members. If you want to make a good impression, then it’s time to work on your skills in graphic design.

A good impression is likely to lead Reddit members to join your subreddit group.

Make It “meatier’ with content

Photos and images give potential community members an idea of what your subreddit is about, but these won’t be enough to work with. That’s why the next thing you need is content.

Pay special attention to your subreddit’s description—think of this part as the short spiel you pitch to strangers who come by your club’s booth. 

No, not a blog post. A short, substantial, and friendly description should catch Redditors’ interests. Don’t wait for other users to fill up your subreddit with posts!

Potential community members might end up browsing an empty or bare subreddit—nothing exciting about that. You can’t exactly grow a new subreddit with no content at all.

Post enough content to get users interested in your subreddit and to get users to interact with your subreddit’s contents. You want people to go from passive spectators to reddit users interacting in your subreddit.

When you’re trying to brainstorm for a reddit post, think of what content the average reddit user would pause to look at.

You can boost your reddit posts with the right image to capture everyone’s attention. Redditors might even return the favor by replying with an image that fits into the thread.

Replies can be a good indicator of a subreddit community that’s growing well.

(Insider tip: Memes are the best way to engage your community!)

Moderate your community

As the subreddit creator, you are also its moderator. You’ll need to put on the big boy hat and enforce some rules. Multiple violations can cause your subreddit to be moderated or worse, banned.


Yes, being a stickler for rules is a stick in the mud. After all, they do ruin the fun. However, rules are also there to bring order to the chaos that will be your subreddit.

Trust us. From experience, you’ll need them to manage your community. A chaotic subreddit is not always a thriving subreddit.

Some rules are already a given: harassment and bullying are complete no-nos, be respectful to your fellow community members, etc.

You may also enforce specific regulations that are unique to your community. For starters, a two-week spoiler ban can be placed on subreddits about shows, movies, or books.

Sniff around your subreddit to see if some active members want to work with you to create these community guidelines. There’s no problem with working solo on your subreddit’s rules too.

Whichever option you pick, you definitely need to have a good grasp of your reddit community, and the only way to do that is to interact with them.

Consistent presence

Last but not least, make your presence felt. Whether this is through gently enforcing rules or participating in your subreddit discussions, your community needs to see and feel that you’re there.

Reddit users have to go from being just “other reddit users” to being people part of your reddit community.

Your subreddit community doesn’t grow only from solo effort, nor will it grow with just community engagement. Moderators and subredditors must work hand in hand to grow an active subreddit.

When you talk to other Redditors, you see what they want to get from your subreddit. Maybe some users are part of your community to make friends?

Other users might be there to post questions or to help answer questions. Some might be part of your subreddit to share their own knowledge and tips.

You’ll only get to find out if you try to talk to your members. This is especially important with new subreddits. 

Your community will likely start small, which is why every interaction with every user can contribute to building a stable, long-term community. It also creates more traffic for your online community.

Taking the time to contribute to a discussion or answer a user’s inquiries are green flags showing how your subreddit is active and will keep being active in the future. And that’s what users generally want: an online community they can participate in.

Members of your community can proudly tell other subreddit communities, “Hey, our subreddit’s really active, and the mod’s super nice and chill.” Now that’s a good marker for a successful subreddit.

Get used to a new routine

Unfortunately, your work doesn’t end there. As much as we’d like to tell you that you can now rest and wait for Redditors to come in, you still have to invest a lot of time.

Once your new subreddit starts growing, it will keep on going! Working out a regular routine can help you out. 

This routine could include tasks like uploading and approving posts, participating in discussions, looking at upvoted posts, etc.

Remember, you must be consistent with your presence because users are on Reddit to converse in relevant subreddit groups. As much as many users try to deny it, Reddit has become similar to a social media platform.

People come in to socialize, and that’s what you must give to your subreddit followers.

Find the right team

There’s always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Growing a subreddit may sound complicated, but it can really pay off in the long run. For individuals, this can come in the form of a tight-knit social circle, a group of friends you can steadily rely on, and a source of entertainment.

For brands, however, the payoff is a bit more valuable. An active subreddit presence can increase brand awareness, loyalty, and even conversions.

It also provides an additional communication channel for companies to interact with their current customers directly.

Similar to having an online presence on Facebook, appearing on relevant subreddits increase one’s visibility. With the right moderator and strategy, you can even promote discourse and casually lead Redditors to your sales funnel.

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