It takes time and hard work to make good music. Once you have your new song, the next thing you want to get done is for the whole world to hear it. The rise of the digital age and social media platforms totally changed the game when it comes to promoting music.

It is easy to get lost when you don’t know the right steps in endorsing your music in these modern times. We are here to provide you with four effective ways to promote your music.

Start promoting your music

Yes, it takes a lot of time and resources to put your music online. But, the longer you wait, the harder it might get. Promoting music online is a must for all independent artists nowadays.

Use Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube and other platforms and implement a social media marketing to promote it.

Use social media for music promotion services

Social media plays a big role in building up your online presence and visibility on music platforms. Make the most out of social media by promoting your music on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Millions of people use these sites, so see to it that you are using these sites to have a strong social media presence.

The power of social media sites makes it easier for you to reach your target listeners. For your promotional campaigns, you can use social media to introduce your music to the mainstream audience. Being active on social media can keep your existing fans engaged with your music.

Your social media accounts and fan pages can serve as gateways for your fans to be updated about your upcoming gigs and new music.

Social media features

Social media has several features you can use to your advantage in promoting your songs. You can create targeted ads to help endorse your events, new albums, and new songs.

You can also use Facebook’s audience data to better reach people who enjoy your music. It can also help you reach people who are more likely to appreciate the genre of your songs.

Another way to increase your reach and online engagements is to organize contests and giveaways through your social media posts. This step will help build awareness about your music as well as your brand as a musician.

When it comes to organizing such events, keep in mind that the simpler, the better. Contests that require very little to participate are the kind of posts that are easily shared thereby providing the highest engagement. 

Use appropriate hashtags to make your content and music easier to find. Use consistent handle tags so people will find you easier on different social media platforms. Post interesting content on a regular basis to maintain your online presence and keep your followers engaged.

Do not just focus on getting many followers. Work on building a community consists of loyal and engaged fans. Your fans will play a huge role in reposting your content and sharing your music with other people.

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Make your songs available on music streaming platforms

The digital age makes streaming a huge factor in advancing your music career. People who love music now resort to streaming services to listen to their favorite artists. Streaming platforms also make it easy to discover new songs. This feature makes it easier for new artists to gain more streams and new followers.

Use streaming platforms to your advantage by creating an account where you can post your new releases. Spotify is currently the leading music streaming service, so make sure to create an account on this platform. Join Spotify for Artists and get your profile verified to get better control of your profile. 

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Spotify also regularly features songs from different artists on their popular playlists. If you are releasing new music, make sure to pitch them to playlist editors. Do this early to give them a chance to listen to your song.

There are thousands of releases that playlist editors review, so be patient if your song doesn’t get featured yet. Getting featured on popular playlists such as Discover Weekly will give your music a huge exposure, so it is definitely worth it to keep trying.

If you can’t wait, you can try to gain more streams and followers by creating your own playlists. Be creative in creating and managing your playlists. Try collaborating with other artists by trading tracks and sharing each other’s music.

Make sure to keep promoting your Spotify page by including Spotify links in your social media posts. You can also obtain Spotify codes to embed a music player and a follow button to your own website.

Create a YouTube channel for music promotion

YouTube remains to be one of the best platforms on the internet to promote your music and solidify your music career. Several huge artists such as Shawn Mendes, Carly Rae Jepsen, and The Weeknd first got discovered on YouTube.

Even the biggest artists like Taylor Swift and BLACKPINK use YouTube to promote their music, so you can definitely use the platform to build your career.

Create a YouTube channel and use this to post music and promote your new songs. Share your YouTube videos on your social media accounts. Make sure to inform your viewers where they can listen to your songs.

Connect your other streaming platforms to your YouTube posts by adding links and other relevant details in your videos’ description.

Work with a music industry publicist 

At the end of the day, working with a music industry publicist is one of the best ways to build your music career. Many successful musicians work with publicists. These professionals know the specifics on how to build an artist’s image as well as promote their music.

Their work includes getting people to talk positively about artists and their music. They can also work on getting song and album reviews, as well as securing audio and video premieres.

As a music artist, you can also benefit from working with a promotion company when promoting their brand and their music online. Soar provides reputation management services that can build your foundation as an artist and help you promote your music to a wider audience. 

Play live as much as you can

Playing live is fun and good method to drive awareness and advance your music independently. Twitch is a highly regarded social app among most musicians today. Many social networks offer a streaming feature, including Facebook Live and Instagram Live.

Live streaming your show can really be a groundbreaking decision. Live broadcasting is an excellent way for musicians to get more money quickly, but it won’t be about the initial gain. It’s a great alternative to touring and playing live in the dark, it’s a great way to generate buzz all over the world.

Email list

Email marketing lists provides a quick, comprehensive communication method for distributing highly relevant information about any release or tour as well as on any song, video or radio station appearance.

Email lists can also be used for checking in and to say hello to your fans to let them know you are still thinking about them. Avoid spamming them and instead, give them something valuable. Put a thought into your own email content that makes a real impact to readers. Create and write a voice that works for. your target audience.

Boost your music career

Music fans want to hear the story behind everything. Majority of successful people have a story behind them and in many cases that story made them successful.

All independent musicians have started somewhere and the story has helped them succeed, in addition to their talent of course. A great example would be Ed Sheeran.

Take advantage of digital marketing, be present on several social media channels and chase your dreams persistently. Put your music online, get your music featured, create music blogs and don’t forget about music marketing.