If you’re building a startup. It’s important you understand where you are in your growth lifecycle and what you have to do next in order to grow.

Easier said than done, right?

As founders, the future feels completely uncertain. And overly rigid roadmaps are to be shunned.

However, there is a framework of thinking about startups that can help you understand what you should be focusing on.

Development- When a company has found a potential problem and is trying to create a solution

[[MVP]] – When a company has finished v1 and is searching to find it’s first customers

[[Product/Market Fit]] – When a company has found a few customers, but needs to find a reliable way to reach more of them

[[Channel/Market Fit]] – When a company has found a reliable way to reach more customers, and now needs to reinvest and double down on channels that work.

[[Maturity]] – When a company has scaled their marketing channels, and now needs to grow through capturing more market, launching new products & international expansion.

stages of startup growth infographic

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